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We have finally reached the end of the Essential 80's Dance Mix series with volume 6. These are all the tracks that should have been included in the f...View Details

Party Favorz is finally releasing volume 5 of the The Essential 80's Dance Mix that I've been teasing for forever and a year. This particular set focu...View Details

I ended up powering through my birthday yesterday to get volume 4 of the Essential 80's Dance Mix complete and then went back this morning to re-edit ...View Details

Party Favorz is back with the Essential 80's Dance Mix Volume 3, which focuses on Funk, R&B Dance and the earliest days of Rap before it explode...View Details

After much hair-tearing, sleep deprivation and overall frustration — Party Favorz is finally back with volume 2 of The Essential 80's Dance Mix. I onl...View Details

Party Favorz is finally back with our final entry into the 80's Dance series. The Essential 80's Dance Mix culminates the biggest tracks from the alte...View Details

Shannon | The Diva Series

Shannon Brenda Greene[1][2] (born May 2, 1958), known by the mononym Shannon, is an American singer and songwriter of freestyle and dance-pop music. S...View Details

Party Favorz is wrapping up our Back to the 80's edition with the final induction into the Diva Hall of Fame with the gender-bending and ultra-influen...View Details

After having finished the Exposé diva series, I decided to round out a couple of previous requests for 80's iconic artists. The next entry into the Di...View Details

Exposé | The Diva Series

We're going back to the 80's this week with our latest Diva Hall of Fame entry, Exposé! Exposé is an American Latin freestyle vocal group. Primarily c...View Details

I'm back with part 2 of Back 2 the 80's a monster mix of classic dance hits from the era. I've got enough to likely make a third set and maybe even th...View Details

Party Favorz is back with Back 2 the 80's, a monster mix of commercial dance classics from the era. After releasing the Trash Disco series last year, ...View Details

In late 1986, I moved back home from Austin because I hadn't started college right after graduation and needed to get something going. I went back to ...View Details

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