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Typically Spring Break (for me at least) came in late March and sometimes early April depending on the calendar year — it appears that many folks alre...View Details

After working this set from three different angles and editing out 30 minutes of tracks in the final product — the Dance Club set for February 2021 ha...View Details

About this time in 2019, I was hospitalized with a burst appendix where I waited 48 hours to have an operation while they kept me hopped up on painkil...View Details

We have reached the end of the Top Dance Songs of 2020 with volume 3 and it is glorious! This final volume has a more laidback feel overall and that's...View Details

And the hits keep on rolling out! Party Favorz is back with volume two of the Top Dance Songs of 2020 and this one digs deeper. One of the constraints...View Details

As Party Favorz winds down 2020 — it's time for our annual Top Dance Songs of the year non-stop dance music set(s). This series features the biggest d...View Details

Party Favorz is on a roll ensuring all of your holiday stress gets worked out by the end of the year. Jingle Electric is our annual final Dance Club s...View Details

Party Favorz has been up all night working out a party mix to celebrate the end of fascism. The lies, the graft, the shredding of the Constitution, th...View Details

Party Favorz is back with the annual HW20 dance club edition featuring all treats and no tricks. This set is jam-packed with EDM, House Music, Disco H...View Details

Party Favorz is kicking the Fall season off with the biggest and best dance club tracks out at the moment. This retains the similar formula of previou...View Details

Party Favorz is back with Meltdown 2020 containing the hottest dance club songs of the summer. If you've been searching for the one true party mix to ...View Details

Party Favorz is back with a mid-week dump that's bound to fuel your parties through summer. The annual Catch-Up series features the biggest Dance Club...View Details

Welcome to the Summer Leap 2020 where Party Favorz features some of the biggest Dance Club songs that will be permeating your brain throughout the siz...View Details

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