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Welcome to Spring Break 2020 featuring the top dance club hits that under normal circumstances would fuel your beach parties but these aren't normal t...View Details

Party Favorz is FINALLY dropping our first non-Stop top Dance Club mix of 2020. I generally find that releasing anything too early is generally regurg...View Details

Blow Your Own Horn 2020

It ain't 2020 until Party Favorz drops the final year-end dance club set that rocks the house! For the uninitiated, the annual Blow Your Own Horn seri...View Details

We have finally reached the end of the Year In Dance series with Volume 3 featuring a non-stop mix of the Top Dance Club Songs of 2019.----more---- TH...View Details

Party Favorz is back with Volume 2 of our annual non-stop mix  Year In Dance featuring the top Dance Club hits of 2019!----more---- Even with the shif...View Details

Party Favorz started right at the time the presidential elections began to heat up as Democrats narrowed their choices down to Hillary Clinton, Barack...View Details

As Party Favorz counts down the days before we enter into the third decade of the Millennium — we continue to deliver the goodie bags to make your hol...View Details


Party Favorz really dug in yesterday to deliver the epic 40-song non-stop dance music club podcast HW19 featuring the latest club hits from the bigges...View Details

2019 has already set the record for the hottest temperatures ever recorded in the history of mankind and it's only going to get worse. Party Favorz is...View Details

It's that time of year where I bring you the BIGGEST dance club hits of the Summer with Summer Beach Party which is one giant non-stop fun-filled pack...View Details

It's time for the annual Catch-Up! Just in time for the summer season, this series allows you to catch up with the biggest dance club hits of the year...View Details

I spent most of the day yesterday slowly working on pulling this set together — that is when I wasn't going down the Twitter rabbit hole. I have to sa...View Details

Party Favorz is finally back with volume 2 of the Spring Break 2019 edition to help you get your party on with the hottest dance club hits from around...View Details

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