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Party Favorz is back with another whopper-sized, disco-fueled party set of classic disco songs remixed for a modern-day audience.----more---- One of t...View Details

  Party Favorz is bringing back the old school from the 70's and 80's but with a twist. Thank God It's Disco volume 2 contains a boatload of disco cla...View Details

Party Favorz is finally getting it's groove back with a mid-week disco dump. Thank God It's Disco (T.G.I.D.) is a new moniker that DJ Barry Harris has...View Details

Well, I did it. I just knocked out one of my bucket list items that I've been wanting to do for a very long time. That is, creating a comprehensive co...View Details

As we near the end of the Trash Disco the Ultimate Collection series, we can only reminisce about better times. In a world where fascism is starting t...View Details

There are many accounts about the rise of Disco bubbling up from as late as the 60's. Frankly, I won't go back that far because it really wasn't on pe...View Details

It's getting HOT in here! Based on the internal numbers, the new Trash Disco series is blowing the roof off! I knew there was a hunger for this back i...View Details

Party Favorz is back with volume 3 of the Ultimate Collection of the greatest Trash Disco tracks of all time. I've been running a bit behind because I...View Details

I'm back with Trash Disco | The Ultimate Collection Volume 2, and this one is a whopper! Since Disco isn't monolithic in its styles nor liberal use of...View Details

Growing up as a kid, I never received any type of allowance. My parents were firmly upper-middle class but my father was generally pretty tight when i...View Details

Trash Disco | Good Times

Welcome to the final installment of the Trash Disco series. 'Good Times' had been put on hold due to the remaining songs not being cohesive enough to ...View Details

Shake You Groove Thing will be the last for awhile in the Trash Disco Series. There are other things I'd like to put out in the BackSpin category so I...View Details

Trash Disco | Groove Line

Picking up where we left off yesterday, Trash Disco [Groove Line] continues the same theme with a few brand new Dr. Packer remixes thrown in.----more-...View Details

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