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It's Trash Disco week here at Party Favorz! I hooked up with one of the best disco-edit queens on the internet DJ FreddyG a.k.a. Digital Visions whose...View Details

Trash Disco | Get Down

  True to my anal-self, I got up early this morning to post the latest Trash Disco to make sure everyone's Memorial Day weekend is complete. Then, I s...View Details

The hardest part involved in making these sets is tracking down the songs; especially songs whose title is flip-opposite of what you would expect. As ...View Details

After dicking-around with my logo all morning, I'm finally getting around to posting the second installment of Trash Disco Personally, I'm shocked at ...View Details

Happy Saturday everybody! Well, well, well...I bet nobody saw this one coming. I've had a massive disco hard-on for some time now that's left me with ...View Details

I remember the first time I heard the word “fag.” It came out of my mom’s mouth while I was watching an Elton John concert on TV. You know the one, wh...View Details

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