Party Favorz is back with the annual HW series featuring all the latest Dance Club hits, bootlegs, mashups and classic dance tracks revisited and boy ...View Details

Every once in a while, a set just comes together without effort and is so flawless that it makes you just want to scream HALLELUJAH! The Fall Edition ...View Details

Party Favorz began down the path of the Utimate 90's House Classics on October 10, 2020. One year later, we've finally reached the end of this histori...View Details

As we head into the final stretch of the Ultimate 90's House Classics series from 1998 - 1999 — part 5 delivers those odds and ends party house classi...View Details

I don't have any special commentary on this particular set other than it's an extension of everything already released. There are a lot of golden nugg...View Details

Party Favorz is back with volume three of the Ultimate 90's House Classics [1998 - 1999] and this set dives deep into progressive territory. We kick t...View Details

After a multitude of successful girl groups throughout the nineties — it was time for the boys to give it a go. While TLC was on the tailend of their ...View Details

Party Favorz started the Ultimate 90's House Classic series in the fall of 2020. The overwhelming response to this series has been tremendous — certai...View Details

Well, f∩ck me twice on Sunday! Party Favorz (i.e. me, myself, I) has been in a pissy mood all week trying to get this CDN and caching plugin configure...View Details

As we near the end of the 2021 summer season, Party Favorz is cooling things down with our latest Chill Out session, Summer Farewell. This set feature...View Details

Celebrate! | Madonna 2021

As well all know, Monday the 16th is the queen's birthday and to help launch the various festivities and celebrations that this woman elicits from her...View Details

Party Favorz is back with the ultimate summer dance party to fuel the remaining days of the season and boy oh boy the Summer Melt 2021 lit! When I sat...View Details

Keeping up the pressure on our summer release schedule, Party Favorz is dropping the annual Summer Edition 2021 featuring summer's hottest circuit ant...View Details

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